About our data:


The JOBS Act of 2012 ushered in a new period of online financing for startups and small businesses. Depending on the exemption used, Startups and Small Businesses can raise from $5 million to $75 million or more from both retail and accredited investors.  Because these offerings take place online, we monitor and record the company, financial and funding activity.


Our proprietary dataset aims to assist firms looking to discover startup or small business success and/or industry trends from the bottom up (i.e. company financials, funding success merged with industry trends). We aim to provide signals before anyone else via data that is semi-automated and highly screened.


Company offering transactional data is not publicly available, and as such, there are no other substitutes for this data. In addition, our dataset is the only real-time information available on these private offerings and is highly stable because it includes over 7 years of historical information on over 7,500 offerings. Includes Regulation Crowdfunding, 506(c), and Regulation A data.

✅Crowdfunding Data

Comprehensive Crowdfunding Data is a challenge to come by. On top of it, most of the data is latent or unreliable. Our clients have come to depend on the reliability and accuracy of our daily figures so that they can create meaningful charts, analyses, and indices. 

✅Used For Machine Learning and Building AI Algorithms

This data is being used by AI and machine learning to create predictive models, sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, and network analysis. Depending on the specific characteristics and research objectives, there use cases are endless.

✅Compare Data Tiers

License just the data or our comprehensive investor relations data services, including setup, historical data, ongoing updates, and a web interface. Pricing options include different tiers of historical data with varying fields, ensuring compliance with annual reporting requirements. The web interface visually displays all information. Compare and price data tiers for a tailored solution.

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